90K Studio


A young and energetic team of 3 from different expertise team up to produce quality yet affordable visual products to cater market’s needs. Darren Tong has more than 6 years of experience in this industry, specialize in food photography as it is his passion to create attractive, mouth-watering food photos. Where else Jun Wong and his team are in charge of generating ideas and contents, drafting storyline, scripting, filming and post-production on videos. Every video we produced, we ensure the essence of the intended message could pass on to an audience because we believe every video have its own unique stories to tell.

Clients ranging from corporate to business owners usually face the same problem: To generate the creative solution to fulfill marketing needs. This is where we come in to fill the gap – by providing the solutions at an affordable price. We provide a wide range of services which include but not limited to: Photo shoots on portraiture, products, garments, jewelry, food, etc; Filming service that covers corporate events, promotional videos, actual day wedding, etc.