Studio Photo Session

why should I choose 90k studio for my photoshoot?

At 90K Studio we not only have a passion for photography, but all the things that will set your photos apart from any others. From posing to fashion trends, getting the images right in camera to lighting, the perfect accessories to the perfect smile, we have it all covered. Not to mention it will be a super fun day jam-packed with laughing and jokes all while you look and feel like a supermodel.

How many photos will I get?

It varies depending on the package you sign up for. We show you only the best of the best. You might wonder the photographer clicked the shutter many times during the shoot, where are all those?” Well! There are technical things we need to take care of during the session.  We have to make rapid real-time adjustments which require test shots, changing up composition, and solving any lighting challenges to ensure that you create the perfect image for delivery. Often times we have to rapid-fire a group of shots to ensure we get the perfect shot with no blinked eyes, the perfect sun flare, and a gorgeous smile. It can take around 25 to even 50 images to prepare the camera and the model for one perfect shot! Also, your images are captured in a raw color format.  After our shoot, we pick only the finest images from the session and work with each selection to bring it to its full potential.

How do I contact you?

You can call or text us at +6011-39017377/+6 012 – 3397815, e-mail or fill out our Contact Form

Do I have to choose and pay for my package in full before my session?

No, you do not have to pay your studio package in full before your sitting. However, a 50% of deposit is required when you make your booking, and we will lock down the time slot for you and not someone else. We offer the ability to customize your package(s) and pay for them in person when we hand-deliver the final products.

How do I preview and order my images?

You have 2 options: It could be at your in-person after the photoshoot session! ; Alternately, you have an exclusive access to look through our online gallery and select the best images.  About 14 days after your shoot, we will meet at our Studio where we will show you all of the products that we offer so you can touch, feel, and handle them all you want!


Why can photography/videography be so expensive?

Quality, it is a piece of art produced by an experienced artist – imagine they are paintings. Each and every painting is unique and it takes an enormous amount of time and creative commitment.

Actual Wedding Day Photo/Video

Do we need to hire a photographer and a videographer?

You would probably thinking to keep photographers on top of your must-hire list, but videographers should be your priority too. Imagine the atmosphere of your wedding day, the vibe and sound that can’t be captured in a photo, like your guests’ vows, the cheers and laughter during your big day. If your budget allows for both vendors, you will not regret your decision to hire both.

What pricing and package is available?

Here is where we shine; We give you the customized package based on your needs. Please refer to our pricing and package page here

Is there an additional charge on the logistic arrangement?

We serve the major places around Klang Valley, however, we are happy to travel to basically any part of the world as long the flight, food, and accommodation is covered!

Do we need to prepare food and drinks for you during the event?

We appreciate food and drinks for our crew that works so hard to create beautiful memories for you!

How will I receive my final product?

You have 2 options: It could be in the format of DVD where we will store all the soft-copy photographs and final video into it; or we can support the environmentally friendly way – to send to you via the cloud storage system, and you will receive a unique download link for all the final files.

How much time do we need for our portraits?

Each and every wedding are unique in their own way,  there is some ideal time you should allocate for photographer/videographer to capture the details of your long-planned big day of a lifetime!

30 – 60Minutes
Ring, Dress, Shoes, and other decoration.
Individual Portraits
45 – 60Minutes
Immediate Family Portraits
30 – 45Minutes
Best man and bridesmaid group shot
Formal group shot (Tea ceremony)
Couple Session
Reception Detail and Venue
20 – 30Minutes
Couple session

Note: It is only an estimation, we might tweak the time when needed.

Do I have to choose and pay for my package in full before my session?

No, you do not have to pay your wedding package in full, however, a 50% of deposit is required when you make your booking, and we will lock down the time slot for you and not someone else. The balance of 50% will be paid on the actual day as when we produce the Same Day Edit video.

How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

We know you’ll want to see photos ASAP, and the wait can be pretty agonizing. For photographs and final video, it basically takes 14-28 days to produce. Now you already know in advance, you can manage your (and your mom’s) expectations.